Meet Our Governors

Our governors are responsible for monitoring the school performance and setting the strategic direction of the school. We have a governing body of 12 governors. This is made up of: 4 parents governors, 2 staff governors, 1 headteacher governor, 3 co-opted governors and 2 church (Foundation) governors.

Our Chair of Governors is Mr Jon Halton.

You can find out more about governance in the section entitled, ‘The Role of the Governor.’

All governors can be contacted via the school by email or leave a message with our office staff.

Jon Halton

Chair of the Full Governing Body

Co-opted Governor

Finance and Premises

Term of Office Started: 11.11.11
Term of Office Ends: 14.09.19

I was elected as a parent governor in 2011, and became a co-opted governor in July 2015. I became Chair of Governors over last summer and took up the post formally at the start of the 2018 Autumn term. I was previously chair of the Finance and Premises committee – a sub committee of the full board of governors.

I have two older children who both thrived through their time at Compton and are now well into secondary education. My youngest son has just moved into year 4 and enjoys the teaching and especially some of the after school clubs on offer.

Since 2011, I have found the experience of being a Govenor at Compton both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Tasks range from being involved in the financial planning for the year to deciding on term dates.

I feel very privileged to be working with a very strong group of parents, staff and governors who strive to provide the best possible outcomes for all the children at Compton C of E Primary.

I am amazed at the academic, sporting and artistic achievements by the children and will work towards and support the school in furthering those achievements.

I currently work at Devonport Naval Base as a Senior Design Engineer looking after the Ships and Submarines base ported in Plymouth along with visiting foreign vessels.

If anyone from the school community wishes to speak with me I would love to hear from you and can be contacted through the school office.

Mark Oakshott

Headteacher – Staff Governor

Term of Office Ends: The headteacher is a permanent member of the governors until they leave the school.

I have been teaching since 1996 and prior to Compton was both a headteacher and executive headteacher in South Devon. Over the last year, I have been training to be an Ofsted inspector.

I am very proud to lead this wonderful school and hope to build on its wonderful reputation within the community and beyond. I am child centred and am very keen to ensure that all our children have a big say in how their school develops. Compton has a very creative and friendly ethos which is underpinned by very high standards.

Over the years, school governance has changed dramatically and people who give up their time freely have become more and more accountable. I am very fortunate to work alongside a group of strong governors who are passionate about their school and its continued success. I am delighted that this was recognised in our Ofsted inspection in June 2016.

Catherine Smith

Co-opted Governor

Pastoral and Curriculum

Term of Office Started: 11.11.11
Term of Office Ends: 16.07.19

I was elected as a parent governor in 2011, and became a co-opted governor in July 2015 when I took over as Chair of Governors. I have also previously been the Safeguarding lead governor and a link governor for music and science.

Both of my children have passed through Compton – my youngest is now in Year 6 – and they have had a fantastic education here. I stood for election in 2011 because I wanted to give something back to the school which was giving so much to my children.

I was Chair of Governors for 3 years (July 2015- 2018) which was challenging role, but enjoyable; particularly for the fulfilment that comes from working together with the governors from many different walks of life, with the common goal of maintaining our unique ‘Compton ethos’, whilst constantly striving to improve the education and experience provided for the pupils, staff, parents and wider community of Compton C of E Primary School.

I am now a co-opted governor until the end of my term of office.

In my spare time I am a consultant radiologist at Derriford Hospital, and an enthusiastic violinist.

I am always keen to hear from parents, staff or members of the wider school community. Please contact me via the school office.

Lee Edwards–Smith

Parent Governor

Finance and Premises

Term of Office Started: 29.09.15
Term of Office Ends: 28.09.19

My role is one of the Parent Governors. As a Design Manager for a large building contractor, who has built various educational facilities locally in the past 10 years, I hope my knowledge and experience can add some value to this governing body over the coming few years. Both my children love coming to school here and as a family we all enjoy the wider Compton School community and the numerous organised events.

Any spare time I can find is spent either out running or walking on a moor somewhere, enjoying a bit of peace and quiet!

Karl Freeman

Foundation Governor – as a voluntary controlled school there is always a place reserved on the governors for the rector of our linked church.

Pastoral and Curriculum

Term of Office Started: 04.03.13
Term of Office Ends: N/A

I have been Rector at Emmanuel for the past fifteen years during which time I have always been associated with Compton as our VC primary school and latterly as a governor. Before being ordained by the Church of England I was a school teacher for eight years.

Emmanuel church values its strong connection with Compton. We enjoy taking assemblies most weeks, running an after school club and hosting the school for such occasions as annual carol and leavers services in our church building.

We’re always happy to be called upon to help in other ways. We value specific invitations to contribute to or deliver the school curriculum – whether through personal meetings, governorship, the classroom or larger gatherings and occasions.

Jacs Houslander

Vice-Chair of the Full Governing Body

Pastoral and Curriculum

Parent Governor

Term of Office Started: 31.03.18
Term of Office Ends: 31.03.22

I am a parent governor and also one of the Vice chairs. I became a governor because I had three children at the school, and felt I wanted to make a positive contribution to the school and the way it operates. I always knew that Compton C of E School was a good school, but being a governor has helped me to see how hard all of the staff work to keep it that way.

Having worked in local government for much of my working life I also know that within large organisations it is easy to become complacent, particularly when you are at the top of your game. I like being in a position to challenge and support to always think about the next goal.

I love being part of the governing body and I am proud to be part of a school, which is always achieving and moving onwards and upwards.

Juliet Morgan

Parent Governor

Pastoral and Curriculum

Child Protection Governor

Term of Office Started: 31.03.18
Term of Office Ends: 31.03.22

I have been a parent governor (I have two children at Compton) and am now a co-opted governor with responsibility for safeguarding. I am a part-time history teacher at a secondary school in the city and have recently finished studying for a masters degree in psychology. I decided to become a governor because I think Compton’s family ethos and child-centred approach helps make it a very successful school and I was very keen to be a part of a school with such strong values. I really enjoy supporting such a vibrant school community and my visits, whether for class assemblies, listening to children read, helping with clubs or on official governor business, always leave me smiling!

Jackie Price

Staff Governor

Pastoral and Curriculum

Term of Office Started: 21.10.05
Term of Office Ends: 18.09.21

I have been a member of staff at Compton Cof E Primary since 2000, and a staff governor since 2006. Since starting here I have taught pupils from Year 2 to Year 6.

Having lived in the local area for over 20 years, and with my own three children having enjoyed their primary education here, I feel very strongly about the importance of our school at the heart of the local community, and am committed to seeing it continue to thrive and deliver quality opportunities for our children.

Matt Sheather

Parent Governor

Finance and Premises

Term of Office Started: 29.09.15
Term of Office Ends: 28.09.19

I am a Solicitor and Partner at GA Solicitors and also a Trustee at Devon Air Ambulance.

I became a parent governor in November 2015 as I have two girls at Compton, and with this vested interest, I wanted to be able to offer my own skill set to the school and assist in continuing to enhance all the childrens’ educational journey. With my legal and board management background I hope to help support the school to continue running at such a high standard.

Robert Tayler

Foundation Governor

Term of Office Started: 16.10.17
Term of Office Ends: 15.10.21

I became a governor in 2017 with the specific role of helping to encourage the school’s Christian distinctiveness. I have taught at primary level since 2002, latterly coming out of full classroom teaching to teach music across various schools in Plymouth including Compton.

I am an active member of Emmanuel Church, currently holding the position of Church Warden there. I am also a keen cyclist, having enjoyed three seasons on a semi-professional basis in France in my younger years.

We are fortunate enough to have two children currently at Compton and have held the school in very high esteem since their entry into foundation.

Di Werker

Co-opted Governor

Pastoral and Curriculum

Term of Office Started: 01.04.06
Term of Office Ends: 06.07.20

I have been a governor at Compton C of E Primary since 2006, the first 8 years as a parent governor and now as a Co-opted governor.
I have a particular interest in S.E.N.
It is a privilege to be part of a wonderful school which allows children to achieve their full potential whatever their ability may be.

Liz Butcher

Staff Governor

Term of Office Started: 03.11.17
Term of Office Ends: 02.11.21

I have been a Teaching Assistant at Compton C of E Primary school since 2009 and was elected support staff governor in 2017.

I live in the local area and my daughter attended Compton and has very fond memories of her time here. The family ethos of Compton plays a big part in Compton school life and values and I feel proud to be a part of the Compton community. I am committed to helping to ensure it continues to thrive.

Jean Bell

Clerk to Governors

School Business Manager

Non-voting attendee at all governor meetings.

Non-voting attendees are people that the governors invite to meetings who have specific knowledge and insight that can inform and aid the governors in decision making.

Mrs Bell is invited in her capacity as our School Business Manager and is able to share her knowledge of budget, finance, building and health and safety matters.

Giles Phillips

Deputy Headteacher

Non-voting attendee at all governor meetings.

Non-voting attendees are people that the governors invite to meetings who have specific knowledge and insight that can inform and aid the governors in decision making.

Mr Phillips is invited as he has an extensive and deep knowledge of our school and can share leadership and whole school management issues.