This Week’s Blog . . .

Friday 23rd February 2018

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed a restful half term.

It is not every morning that you arrive at school to find a mature couple jiving in your school hall, but this is what greeted me this morning. It was the prelude to a fantastic assembly by class 3C4. We learned about World War 2 and in particular evacuation.


Following a hard hitting assembly from 5S6 before half term it was really interesting to compare the learning in different year groups. There was however, a similar message with both assemblies. Despite the hardship of war it was the spirit of the people which got us through and led to our victory.
It is essential that we nurture this spirit amongst our young pupils.

I hope you have all noticed the new school banners and are observing the messages. Words are not enough however and it is really important that our actions speak louder than words. It is really heartening to see the number of families walking to school but I still feel this could be more. We still have cars parked illegally and we will still continue to ticket. Our message around our children’s safety will never go away.

Have a great weekend.