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Friday 20th October 2017

Hello everyone,

Well I am not sure where that half term went but it has flown by. It was great to see you all at our parents’ evening this week and I hope you enjoyed the opportunity given to look at your children’s learning. It was lovely to see children leading parents around and sharing their work. There was a definite feeling of pride permeating throughout the school.

We ended the week with our school Harvest Festival at Emmanuel Church. Once again the children excelled and showed us how talented they are. Thank you to our staff who made the whole event so good. Thank you to Emmanuel for hosting us and thank you to all the community who attended.
I am off to a local authority meeting this evening for Headteachers of maintained schools. The educational climate is very confusing at the moment and Plymouth is no exception. Many schools have converted to Academy either on their own or as part of a bigger organisation. When this happens, the ability of the local authority to provide for maintained schools diminishes. Compton C of E remain a maintained school at present and with changes in legislation there is no impending deadline for us to convert to academy. You can all rest assured that whatever we do in the future is done for the benefit of our children. Our Governing body is passionate about this.
Have a wonderful half term break. If you are wondering why there is a picture of a hedgehog on this page, it is our latest member of the Compton C of E school community. Our children found him this week.