This Week’s Blog . . .

Thursday 17th October 2019

Hello everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the parent evenings which were really well attended. As was the harvest festival. What a lovely event and well done to all our staff for putting on such a fabulous event.


As I discussed, our chosen school charity is Medic Malawi and over the years we have raised a lot of money for various projects. I believe very strongly in raising money for something real and tangible because this always resonates with our children.

We previously discussed raising money for Maize and Soya Seed. However, it has now come to our attention that the hospital generator is in urgent need of repair. This is a real and tangible problem. The impact of the generator breaking down is that operations are delayed or stalled mid operation. Which can be life threatening. To repair the generator we are looking at £1000.

So our focus this year, along with The Childrens Society and Food Bank is Operation 1000. We want to raise £1000. WE currently have 439 children on roll which equates to every child raising £2.27. Surely that is achievable?

Have a wonderful half term and we will see you all again on Monday 28th October.