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How will the school monitor the progress of my child?

At Compton CofE Primary the progress and attainment of all pupils is reviewed termly (3 times a year) by the Teachers and Team Leaders at which time support may be changed to meet identified needs.

As per the SEND Code of Conduct (2015 pages 15-16) we will take a ‘Graduated Approach’ to identifying and supporting pupils with SEN.

Where a child is identified as having Special Educational Needs, we will take action to remove barriers to the child’s learning and put effective special educational provision in place.  This is called SEN support and takes the form of a four-part cycle (assess, plan, do, review).  Through this cycle, actions are reviewed and refined as understanding of a child’s needs and the support required to help them secure good outcomes increase.  This is known as the graduated approach.

Teachers may raise a concern about a child as they:

  • continually assess the children as part of their daily teaching.  If needed some children will receive additional support as part of a group or on their own with an adult.
  • meet termly to look at the progress that all pupils are making and identify any who are not making progress or who have made slow progress, so that they can support them.
  • review support and interventions regularly to ensure progress is being made.

Some children will have a Graduated Approach Plan which will be shared with parents and children. These will be reviewed termly and can be changed throughout the year, as the need arises.