Science Olympics at ECC

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Science Olympics at Eggbuckland Community College

On Thursday 23rd November, five children with Mrs Butcher went to the Science olympics competition (friendly). We all had an excellent time there even though we didn’t win.

Our first challenge was to make the fourteen different colours of acids and alkalis. We did very well. We got yellow and green which are very hard to get! Although, we couldn’t get blue unsurprisingly. We got thousands of reds which came to no use but, we found that if we cleaned out the pipette with water and put it into a new test tube it makes green. We came in second place out of three schools (Including Compton).

Our next challenge was electricity. It was really fun! The teacher had a machine which span around with an elastic band. The electric shocks that you could get were massive! We were allowed a go each except with it on low. Then he put his hand on it but only about five children were allowed a go to touch his finger. After we had some fun, we had to rub the balloon on our jumper or cardigan. Then, put it against some cut up piece of paper and pick up the most. The person who got the most out of each school was nominated to compete. In the end we came in third place even though we picked up 99 pieces!

Finally, it was explosions. We didn’t get any bangs neither did another school. Only one school got a bang and it was loud. After that, the teacher made some giant explosions and also showed some really cool things. He dipped some special kind of metal into fire which made a blinding glow which meant he covered it. So it didn’t hurt our eyes.

As all the points were added up it turned out that we were in joint second place. But out of all the teams we probably had the most amount of teamwork.