Year 5/6 Indoor Athletics

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Year 5/6 Indoor Athletics

On Monday 5th February, 12 Year 5/6 children went to Marjon’s sports centre to represent the school in indoor athletics as previous winners from the Eggbuckland School round. Everyone was extremely nervous for it because it was the semi-finals and the pressure was on! Ten other winning schools attended (there were two wild cards/runners up invited too) and the superb attitude and sportsmanship from Compton was as good as ever.

The field events were: Speed bounce, Javelin, Vertical jump, Chest push, Standing long jump and Triple jump. The track events were: Under & over, obstacle relay, 6 lap paarlauf, 1 by 1 sprint, 2 by 2 sprint and 4 by 1 relay. The students competed in all these various events and performed them brilliantly. Mrs Green said “sorting out all the combination of events was like doing Sudoku!”.

Both the girls’ and boys’ teams won many of their track events and competed with true Compton spirit. It was lovely to see the students from Compton and other schools cheering each other on and talking in a kind way to other competitors. After all the events the students came back puffed out and smiling even if they didn’t win.

Finally, we all sat down in rows, for it was time for the results. The organiser began counting back from ten until she got to the top five.

COMPTON CAME FOURTH!!!!! This meant that the students are going to be competing in the grand final at the end of the month. Well done everyone who competed and good luck for the final!

By Ava Morgan 5JP6