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Half Marathon 2023 - Final Details

Find the final details for the Half Marathon Challenge, taking place on Sunday 14th May 2023!

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Half Marathon Challenge on the Hoe is fast approaching, taking place on SUNDAY 14th MAY 2023.

Set out below are the details of where we will meet before and after the event. 

T Shirts and Race Numbers

On Monday, your child will be sent home with the t-shirt ordered and their race number. It’s important to keep these safe - the children are required to wear both t-shirt and number on the day.

Please note the following:

  • You are required to fill in the details on the back of the race number before attaching this to your child; this information will be used in case of emergency. 

  • The children will not be allowed to race without a shirt or number.

  • The race number should be attached to the shirt using safety pins BEFORE arrival at the meeting point. We will not have any safety pins.

Arrangements on the day:

Unfortunately, due to strict arrangements by the race organisers, and due to a limited adult capacity, we have only been able to select a few adult helpers. Many thanks to those of you who volunteered. 

This being said, we are happy for parents/carers to support us in walking to and from the meeting location. Once at the pen, the adult helpers selected and staff members will enter the pen - all other adults are welcome to find a location to spectate before we run. A map has been attached below, which details the route.

Plan of action:

  1. Meet at 10:15am at the CLUBHOUSE/CHANGING ROOMS of the tennis courts on the corner of Radford Road and Eddystone Terrace PL1 3BY in the West Hoe area. The children will be registered.

  2. Note that the traffic will be very busy into town and multiple road closures will be in place around the Hoe area - please ensure you leave sufficient time as it is likely you will need to walk to the meeting location.

  3. The children and accompanying adults will head off at 10:30am and make their way to the green outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel to the holding pen.

  4. The gate to the pen shuts at 11:15am. No one will be allowed in after that.

  5. The Schools’ Challenge will commence at 11:45am and should be finished by 12:05pm All children will be registered when they return to the pen.

  6. When the Schools’ Challenge event finishes, the ORGANISERS will let schools out, one at a time (this will be around 12:15pm). The children and accompanying adults will return to the tennis courts at Radford Road/Eddystone Terrace where the children can be collected.

  7. Please do not try to collect your child from the group before we return to the tennis courts. We anticipate collection to be from 12:45pm.

  8. Obviously, there will be lots of photo opportunities on the day. Please be aware that group photos of the children should not be posted on social media sites unless you have the express permission of the children’s parents or carers. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

  9. With regard to photos. In previous years, the organisers have been able to assure families that photos of their children will not appear on the official race website if requested. There is no facility to ‘filter’ photos this year.

  10. Medication. If your child has any medical condition that we are not already aware of, please let us know before race day. 

  11. Please bring any medication your child requires to the event. If applicable, they will run with their asthma pumps.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us in school. We look forward to seeing you on the morning.


Jo Arscott and Jo Stapleton