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Welcome to our School Association Website page!   


Keep checking in for updates on events, and news to keep in touch. 

We are a group of parents and carers who organise events for fun whilst raising funds for our school.

Compton School Association is a registered charity, all funds raised through our activities go directly to the school and are used to benefit all of our children.

Reg charity no. 1092243 


Upcoming Events


Our AGM will be held on Tuesday 17th October. 7:45pm, Rising Sun pub. 

During this we have to present brief reports of the last year, talk through the School Association finances, and the current committee must resign before we vote in anyone willing to stand to fill those roles. The roles up for grabs are Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Some/all of the committee may be willing to stand again - 

but we are also very open to others taking over, or shadowing the roles to then take them on. 

If you would like to know any more about the AGM or the committee roles, please get in touch.


Christmas Raffle:

We need your help with the Christmas raffle this year. Could you:

  • Spare any time to help contact companies and hunt out prizes? This can be a stand-alone project for someone / a group of friends. We can provide a template letter and a list of businesses/organisations that have previously helped / we think might be worth contacting.

  • Do you have a business/organisation - or know someone who does - that could either give us a prize, or purchase a prize for the raffle? The business name will be included in the list of prize donations that goes to all Compton families and is publicised in the wider community.

  • Do you have a business/organisation - or know someone who does - that could sponsor the raffle to cover the cost of the tickets? Your business name and logo will be printed on all tickets.

  • Any offers to help would be gratefully received! Drop us an email. The raffle makes a HUGE amount of money for the school and we can only run it with help and donations.


Christmas Shopping coach trip:

We are looking at running another Christmas shopping coach trip (provisional date of Saturday 18th November). This has been incredibly popular and great fun in the past. 

We’ve had a few suggestions about where to venture - somewhere with a mix of a good Christmas market, lots of shops, and plenty of nice places to eat, drink and merry - and wanted to ask your view.


Hit on the survey link to vote (there’s only 1 question - it will take you 2 seconds!) 


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